one way through

My eyes opened wide Blacken storm, clouded sky Flying foul beast over ledge Flames, amber crinkle mist My feet, clenched the skull grave Fermented blood bath, spirit slaves whispers of elders old Their Stories left untold while walking along the bridge The beasts below, hiss and clash Soul robbing, body piled stash For among whom … Continue reading one way through

door 262

there attempting to clip my wings attempting to bite, immortality sting without a degree to inspire there agony they have conspired a way to alienate without any sign of the gate i journeyed down into this nightmare hoping my path would find a care instead i was left with faithless stares who then shall they … Continue reading door 262

they told me i would be engulfed light me with your gasoline make way to evolve i cant stand here wondering alone waiting til you come back home because the bed you lied in my demons can only win where is that other piece of me? how do i pick up and just be i … Continue reading