Magic moon

Are tendency scarred to lose? A blank mirrors ruse Soul lost, deceived Calamity Pulled into trivium's fantasy Glistening oceans beyond grave Mind Maps, riddle engaged Weeping the story of all enraged Are tale, no one tells Huanting stones hell Glory burned engulfed flame Treachery, dual souls sane Crosses the path of shine sown Dripping across, … Continue reading Magic moon


stand still and quiet for where do we meet for my own agony is someone else blasphemy in their eyes dead souls lie all they want is a little love not some roses and white gloves talking genuine devotion somewhere safe to feel their emotion


your more, rivers flowing down hollow shells bend around can you silence out the noise ripping, every ounce of joy clouds of smoke and ash cities burned, destructive flash hiding tears in the rain no sight of care for their pain they just watch quietly, sad souls departed, nomad