the calling

  pure dose of magic everything fades so tragic lost for a moment in space for a second, it's almost erased they’ll silence me til im old i got to make a move, til it's sold i'm begging on my knees can you come and rescue me i pray you hear my plea so you … Continue reading the calling


  i'd give up everything to hear it all ring your voice speaks through my higher i trust you, you’ve shown me fire even when i'm dancing alone it comes through the phone i pick up your words as the wind flys with the birds count my time the many words left to climb

a mystery

  a world, yet is built in eyes where they see all guilt the wheel that’s constantly moving all times is proving hauls of black masquerade only whispers, but no one prayed the fall of the fire blocked out all light of higher the wounds that carry utter black whisper now, through every crack