clamoribus aether non(the sky cries no more


dreams shattered like broken dreams

but you couldn’t hear my souls screams

that i walk this road all alone

so i don’t have to bleed to atone

and now im left standing holding on to one last curse

left nothing for me to say it only gets worse

that nothing could ever change my fate

but while i still back away, i can’t hold back the date

so the only thing i cherish and bleed

that nothing i see can be keyed so im

left here standing putting my soul to sleep

so then why does the pain i feel so deep

when i have nothing to lay my hands on and keep

that even when i’m walking past my shadows rest

it’s so hard to stay alive when i laid my last breath on the line

or is it just a place in time when i finally had arrived

as nothing i said could every hold back that last fight

because i see the craving i lack every night

or could i chase away the darkest memories dressed in black

that i break down and face the facts to put it this all behind

then it hits me when i’m so blind to face the rode that burned like fire

that im left here to stand before my only fall

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