in the eye of the storm



a blistering wind that falls

a deep dark ocean it calls

eyes drown in every sound

each drop of water comes crashing down

do we meet are maker now

on a ship we don’t know how

is there a way out

the howling waves shout

where does it begins or ends

this ship we must defend

a cold salor i’ll be after this

i dont escape, davy jones abyss

mysterious night



in places where you can only imagine

a magic carp ride with aladdin

winds blowing, sand chasing

every turn, everything is racing

all after one thing

a shiney rhyme with three rings

be careful what you ask

for it may reveal, what behind your mask

if destiny is behind every magical ride

let fate be your only guide

a pending request



son, there is something i want you to know

in life, some people will cause you not to grow

some may call you names

where others laugh and play games

remember to never drown out the sound

as you stand your feet on a strong ground

i can promise you there is always tear

even in dark time when we have are fear

remember in those seconds to count everything so dear

my wish for you was no simpler than this

to never your mind miss

because one day i won’t be here

for you to be well, in the direction that your steer

because always remember what i taught you

to always see it through

the stage



As time seems to past

A point where your in the cast

The audience has arrived

Time to shine and strive

Take a breath and just dive

When you come to the point all lights on you

Can you take all the pressure all the way through

A script on the spot

Don’t lay dead a rot

Move around, but don’t be a clown

Because the show is bound to light up the town

riding the storm



I was pulled out of the heaven

Came down all in sevens

With wings spread far and wide

Air sinks across every moon and ride

A grand picture painted to land

Every memory buried in the sand

Should I roam so different among all them


That there eyes see what others condemn

All of lost faith

Rather face your fear rather than wraiths

Oh cry the sky full of rain

In a noise, shatters with every rain

where am i to go



It’s all inside

Just hang back

And enjoy the ride

Your not under attack

So why is there only facts?

When it all comes together

All stress is light as a feather

Do I need to say this again

What else is there to gain

Without some kind of pain

What you don’t understand



I feel you don’t get it

Life not always perfect

But what do when you had a fit

Behind some lie you place like a wall

Go crawling where you always fall

Need a lesson in manners they say

But they would wreck you the first swing they take

Maybe I have to drown myself out every night

Hoping one day I’ll find that light

A little piece from heaven had me down on my knees

I pray so hard that God would make the pain go away

How can he do that when I have just a bit of faith

Ask me why I’m like this through the day

It’s a puzzle to you

Because it’s always hard to see in someone else’s shoes

So who gave you the right to choose




She kissed the angels



All chances betting on her dream

Can one say the reason why

Or was it just the fire in her eyes

That she stand before you

With her hands pointing to make a move

Either you go or stay

Don’t let your mind waste thinking for the day

all marked



You send me to the stars

Even with all theses scars

But with all my flaws

You seem to make me pause

In all of it can you be the cause

Am I supposed to ask this much from you

Just a thought,when you always remain true

So Sing me that song

Where I feel the need to belong

When all my choice seemed all wrong

like it was yesterday



it’s like it all happened yesterday

as i saw you

i had to stop and say

“can we just redo”?

as your smile still astounded me

covered my eyes and told me “come see”

that was so long ago

an angel with her halo

i let down my wall

now can you really handle my all