what are you waiting for


when all your wanting is more

are you Addicted to bliss?

Behind thoses eyes I’ve kiss

Tender touch, your words mean so much

In plain sight, your endless rush  

hearts speak so soft and warm

emotions come to swarm

As voices riddled to echo time

When does our soul intertwine?

Is this meant to be forever

or its so close to never


with crimson eyes you could control the sea

even the voice of you, comes crashing in me

i stand here as the winds begged me to stay

even when i walk, i slow drift away

can it be this realm of suffice

like a gambler rolling the dice

in every word that roams in my mind

i took the time to look back and rewind

up til now i ask for one thing

to use my voice and let it sing

i don’t have much to give

only thing i ask is for some reason to live

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