what are you waiting for



when all your wanting is more

are you Addicted to bliss?

Behind thoses eyes I’ve kiss

Tender touch, your words mean so much

In plain sight, your endless rush  

hearts speak so soft and warm

emotions come to swarm

As voices riddled to echo time

When does our soul intertwine?

Is this meant to be forever

or its so close to never


with crimson eyes you could control the sea

even the voice of you, comes crashing in me

i stand here as the winds begged me to stay

even when i walk, i slow drift away

can it be this realm of suffice

like a gambler rolling the dice

in every word that roams in my mind

i took the time to look back and rewind

up til now i ask for one thing

to use my voice and let it sing

i don’t have much to give

only thing i ask is for some reason to live

What follows me now



Something is brewing in the cold deep

I hear it echoing behind while other sleep

In a box beneath the trees

While cages it hunts in threes

What path lies before thee

I ask before careful where what you see

For the road you walk, many dare to talk

For in solace a grave, not buried

For you see, others never carried

At last what pits do you roam

Ah the soul lingers to atone

when fate was written in stone

The path



Give what belongs to me

Through my eyes you will see

Another path lies before you

When the ride is split in two

You must decide when the time is right

Before your choosen between darkness or light

As you will hold your ground

And all theses voice become your sound

Do your trust what others fear

Go into the deep, where there are tears

I call upon you now to answer and come to me

Now choose what you to be

Everything you said



a winter of chilling frost

Everything you say, I find myself lost

Do I expect you to know

how it all just flows

When I’m going one way

Another,begging you to stay

When all I want to do

Is just start over and redue

But I can’t fight off feeling alone

Somehow im crushed and blown

Is there still another chance

To save what left of this dance

Will you come save me

it all comes to me



all around, notice the change

i saw the frost bite the leaves that fall

it’s winter coming after all

only time when you gather so dear

in hopes that this year

all the memory that reappear

in all remember it so clear

as time stand still when snow disappears

its every changing know no fear

so next time it pass you by

remember to with it good-bye

the voice



What happens to just getting along

When now it seems we’re going wrong

Spoken words always get shot down

It’s always happens when someone around

How can we step foot within a town

Without being afraid to be found

Are we distance to forever walk in silence

When other decide it a choice to bleed

Is there no more creed

When did honor stand down a dark rode

Hiding behind some media episode

When we should keep are eyes open and wide

Instead, we are to hard to let go of are pride

At what cost my it come to

When are children and youth suffer through

They need a future without discrimination and hate

Or the downfall, will be a repeat of our fate

for you



I’d drown myself in this madness

If I know I’d come up for air

What use to feel alive

Is now a one shot dive

Do you know the peak

Are you hearing what others speak

A rush maybe something behind

Unsaid words feel broken but never kind

What they call pain they know nothing off

When it take everything; takeoff

Yet there a struggled buried inside

When your going to pick up or decide

A blade to sucide or a chance to live

As your just crawling back to feel ounce again

How it felt when you began

Remember it all will pass you by