one way through

My eyes opened wide

Blacken storm, clouded sky

Flying foul beast over ledge

Flames, amber crinkle mist

My feet, clenched the skull grave

Fermented blood bath, spirit slaves

whispers of elders old

Their Stories left untold

while walking along the bridge

The beasts below, hiss and clash

Soul robbing, body piled stash

For among whom sin

Crows bite, blood within

To him who roams the floor

Guilty passageway, sulfur door

Through the door you see

Barbed wires, chains and clasp

Every inch of air, your body gasp

What lurks beyond the footstep lense

Every demon, wanting a feast

All inclusive, to serves their beast

For whoever approaches from here

Shall know no mercy or fear

Get trapped in this endless maze

Your mind surely, in its own craze

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