Magic moon


Are tendency scarred to lose?

A blank mirrors ruse

Soul lost, deceived Calamity

Pulled into trivium’s fantasy

Glistening oceans beyond grave

Mind Maps, riddle engaged

Weeping the story of all enraged

Are tale, no one tells

Huanting stones hell

Glory burned engulfed flame

Treachery, dual souls sane

Crosses the path of shine sown

Dripping across, bridges owned

burn for you


Blanket hearts, heavy darts

Id told you, from the start

Did i have to choose?

Did i always lose?

A part of myself

Just to cut me loose

Did are love blow up

a cyclonic maze

pounding in my dreams

An empty faze

another week goes by

are rhythms beat

Another suddle goodbye

we’d hit the street

Decades apart, its history

memories fade, its wizardry

for you casted your spell

only time will tell

my riddle, still true

I burn for you

sea song


I feel her wind consuming me

her voice contacts the sea

with wondrous power, i call to you

oh fair maiden, what is true

ill test the sands under my feet

that you’ll bring every ship defeat

being perfect and tuned

the cycle of destruction cause by her moon

how deep are your valleys

that caused sailors to hang from your gallery

but when calls to you

in a journey of her blues

the sirens song, a mist

be careful of her kiss

cosmos space


i want to feel your violence and innocence

like a rain shower , washing over me

spaces far away for here

wont you take me there?

starlight of a lady so fair

she walks with me, unleash

amber riddled skies, red hues autumn eyes

around the trees in search of night

looking for a ecliptic light

shadows of her moon

painted glass, mosaic noon

yet her melody still plays

the spirits call to her rays

sounding for her far away

calling me home, for a place to stay



stand still and quiet

for where do we meet

for my own agony

is someone else blasphemy

in their eyes

dead souls lie

all they want is a little love

not some roses and white gloves

talking genuine devotion

somewhere safe to feel their emotion



your more, rivers flowing down

hollow shells bend around

can you silence out the noise

ripping, every ounce of joy

clouds of smoke and ash

cities burned, destructive flash

hiding tears in the rain

no sight of care for their pain

they just watch quietly, sad

souls departed, nomad

Drinking sting


I hid away, in darkness

A void left me heartless

For i beg and ask

The pain drinking, iron flask

That i take one sip of venom sting

The younger me, a silent ring

will i watch my life pass by?

older me, a beggars cry

so i just sit here in misery

with dead flowers, drunken history

For the world i ounce knew

has left me barren and overdue

For im looking to a end

lost in a noise, of echoing mist

one way through


My eyes opened wide

Blacken storm, clouded sky

Flying foul beast over ledge

Flames, amber crinkle mist

My feet, clenched the skull grave

Fermented blood bath, spirit slaves

whispers of elders old

Their Stories left untold

while walking along the bridge

The beasts below, hiss and clash

Soul robbing, body piled stash

For among whom sin

Crows bite, blood within

To him who roams the floor

Guilty passageway, sulfur door

Through the door you see

Barbed wires, chains and clasp

Every inch of air, your body gasp

What lurks beyond the footstep lense

Every demon, wanting a feast

All inclusive, to serves their beast

For whoever approaches from here

Shall know no mercy or fear

Get trapped in this endless maze

Your mind surely, in its own craze

poetry that speaks to you

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