this question


i couldn’t run fast enough

your words are etched inside the rough

a vast world, yet you speak to me

am i to echo it all in glee


shout out, to jump my soul back

scream aloud, til the world attack

if i have to sell my soul and lost it all

then what path do i have if ignore your call



time after time



i knew id find my way back here

theses memories, i keep so dear

as i remember your tears, became so clear

what’s left behind with all this time

as theses mountain i have climbed

just to give me hope

so i have eyes that cope

there are things i still don’t know

so can you be one thing that i show

will your silence fall like rain

time after time where it was all pain

will you breathe life into my fire

as amber sets course through my desire

when  it come to the part that i win

can you be my reason that i holds my sin

so i ask this of you if your watching through

be the reason why i want you


crying aloud


An old friend

Looking back at me, shines

Bright eyes melted, to no end

That we all cross the line


By ways between smoke and trees

There is no way out

Should I stay, for something to see

That you can go on with your day


Leaving my heart stained, blackout

So deciding whether I’d stay

Why would it matter, you set your ways

So all I got this voice that shout


Belittling my mind, a cruel dark cave

In a world, it be the slave

To my heart that is denied

You couldn’t touch my soul


Just go ahead, you tried

As could this be your goal

In end of this foolish game

Can you deal with the shame


Or should i go about the rest of my life

Hoping one day, you answer for this strife

you move me


with crimson eyes you could control the sea

even the voice of you, comes crashing in me

i stand here as the winds begged me to stay

even when i walk, i slow drift away

can it be this realm of suffice

like a gambler rolling the dice

in every word that roams in my mind

i took the time to look back and rewind

up til now i ask for one thing

to use my voice and let it sing

i don’t have much to give

only thing i ask is for some reason to live



poetry that speaks to you

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