Time changer


send me to Neverland
til I’m found again
hopeful wishing got me here
all the lives I so find dear
am I just on your mind?
a drug you couldn’t find
on the table your riding chips
with time, when does it skip
down the bottle til it all disappears
every sound, shoot the fear
will it be gone all like that
the moon slowly calling you back

lone wolf


Im not scared to go in alone

for the wild is where i roam

the only thing catching my heart near

is forever suspended,quietly i fear

as theirs no place to call home

when everyone watching, to scatter the unknown

can the wild forever keep me running

Jumping, panting, the worlds cunning

but when i bare my fangs

without the messenger, im bound by no gang

so whoever dares to call on me

with all the howling they cease

to call on me to be free

door 262


there attempting to clip my wings

attempting to bite, immortality sting

without a degree to inspire

there agony they have conspired

a way to alienate

without any sign of the gate

i journeyed down into this nightmare

hoping my path would find a care

instead i was left with faithless stares

who then shall they taste fear

when all they want is tears

they hiss and Nash their teeth

for the know of what i speak

The Quest


I need something more deeper then a touch
I’m asking for soul searching,
is that way to much?
I can see it in your eyes
crying out, through all the lies
there is a fire there
kindle it if you dare
because no one is going to care
I tell you now, there fiends wanting your high
they will boost you up, just to make you cry
they have no recollecting, only to blame
casting you down with stones
how can you ever be the same
I’m not going for something physical they stole
because they  robbed the words you spoke
I’m just going for something endless
the real question is, do you want that kind of bliss


they told me i would be engulfed
light me with your gasoline
make way to evolve
i cant stand here wondering alone
waiting til you come back home
because the bed you lied in
my demons can only win
where is that other piece of me?
how do i pick up and just be
i know im crying out to you
but shit Doesn’t feel the same
when your just split in two


the shadow inside
blinding my mind
storm thrown aside
lost my faith on the grind
a million could never speak
what room is left to define
but all my hope and dreams
scattered on the sea
the green blue through
keeps calling me home to you

all by myself


suspended, effortlessly i sleep

in a cave, shared with the lion’s den

can i come out, i have to know when

there just no road to go

but how can i wait for a chance to flee

leaving myself unable to speak

a clown could hide his tears

a lot better then i hide my fears


push me slowly, ill always fall

i stand to hear, giving you my all

a part, im confused on where you fit

ask me the same twice

it’s gambling, just to roll the dice

when it comes to life

causing a gap in pride

breeding a monster with your strife

now what can i compare

when your not there

where she hides


girl all you got to do is let me in,
i see right through
but how can you be clear
when all you can see is two
left words to choose and now afraid
took the gun from his hand
just to blow his brain
left only, is a sure shot of pain
can you ever leave someone before your through
i mean really before, they see whats true
that you may just be a demon at sea


suspended and frozen

why is this not clear

can one just pause and steer

down a rode, with only a end

a place where others have ascend

with eye on you, the place inside so true

there soul at rest, lifes greatest test

poetry that speaks to you

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